EMS Press Adopts MSP’s EditFlow for Submissions and Peer Review

EMS Press to support editors and authors by adopting EditFlow across 16 journals.

EMS Press, the publishing house of the not-for-profit European Mathematical Society, has chosen ​EditFlow​ from MSP (Mathematical Sciences Publishers) to manage submissions and peer review across 16 of its journals. A wider roll-out is expected to be completed by the end of 2020 and will support editors and authors alike through an improved submission and peer-review process.

Speaking on the decision to adopt EditFlow, Apostolos Damialis, Editorial Director of EMS Press, said “EditFlow is the only editorial management system developed with the specific requirements of mathematics publishing in mind. Taking advantage of its functionalities, we will be able to offer authors a smoother route to submission and publication, and greatly improve administrative processes for our editors.”

Alex Scorpan, Executive Director of MSP, commented “We’ve enjoyed a strong working relationship with the publishing house of the European Mathematical Society for a number of years, and their decision to adopt EditFlow across a broader selection of their portfolio signals that this collaboration continues to thrive, furthering scholar-led nonprofit publishing on both sides of the Atlantic.”