IHS and Springer Expand Strategic Partnership to Deliver Engineering and Industry-Specific Technical Knowledge

IHS Inc a leading global source of critical information and insight, today announced an expanded partnership agreement with Springer, a leading global scientific, technical and medical publisher. This expanded agreement allows IHS to globally sell Springer’s Engineering eBook Collection, Industry Collections and the SpringerMaterials database, including Landolt-Börnstein New Series, with a focus on the corporate researcher. This is in addition to the existing relationship which full-text indexes more than four million Springer articles, eBooks, reference works and other technical information.

Through the IHS Knowledge Collections, IHS provides engineers, scientists and other technical professionals with enhanced knowledge discovery of answers deep within more than 90 million technical documents. This data spans engineering eBooks, articles and publications, patents, technical research, engineering best practices and design methods and interactive engineering content.

The following Springer content is now available from IHS:

Springer Engineering eBook Collection – Offered through the IHS Knowledge Pro Collection and contains thousands of additional eBooks, book series, and reference works that are core to the fundamental knowledge that an engineer needs for all phases of the engineering lifecycle.

Springer Aerospace Industry Collection – Offered through the IHS Aerospace & Defense Industry Knowledge Collection and contains a wide range of eBooks and journals covering aerodynamics, propulsion, materials, thermodynamics, vibration, adhesion and many other subject areas imperative to the aerospace and defense industry.

Springer Chemical Manufacturing Industry Collection – Offered through the IHS Chemicals & Process Industry Knowledge Collection and contains eBooks and journals for the development, processing and delivery of chemicals, including chemistry, biotechnologies, safety, corrosion and many other subject areas.

Springer Electronics Industry Collection – Offered through the IHS Electronics Industry Knowledge Collection and contains thousands of eBooks and journals for the design, manufacture and production of electronics systems that cover communications, networks, semiconductors, circuit design, power systems and other critical electronics applications.

Springer Oil & Gas Industry Collection – Offered through the IHS Oil & Gas Industry Knowledge Collection and contains engineering eBooks and journals relevant to upstream and downstream oil and gas businesses including fluid dynamics, piping systems, structural analysis, safety and numerous other oil and gas subject areas.

SpringerMaterials database – Available as an IHS Custom Knowledge Collection and based on the Landolt-Börnstein New Series. This fully evaluated data collection is applicable to all areas of physical sciences and engineering.  SpringerMaterials contains numerous electronic tables and figures about the properties of materials and chemicals. The collection also provides access to a number of specialized databases on inorganic properties and phase diagrams, thermophysical properties of organic compounds, polymer thermodynamics, chemical safety and more.

Inclusion of Springer’s authoritative content into the IHS Knowledge Collections enhances the existing base of more than 4,000 eBooks within the more than 90 million technical documents accessible within the IHS Knowledge Collections. IHS and Springer will continue to work closely to identify further opportunities for development, marketing and accessibility of critical content on the Springer for R&D platform.

“Springer’s content is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of researchers whom IHS counts among its customers,” said Michael Aparicio, Springer’s director of corporate sales for the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “We are always looking for new ways to get more of our content into the hands of those who need it most. This expanded relationship allows us to do just that.”

“As one of the largest technical eBook publishers in the STM (science, technical and medical) information market, Springer’s eBooks, articles and technical documents are a perfect fit for IHS Knowledge Collections,” said Chad Hawkinson, vice president for IHS Product Design & Supply Chain Solutions. “Our customers trust IHS to be their single source of critical technical information and insights. Now, through the IHS Knowledge Collections, engineers and technical professionals have Springer’s authoritative content available at their fingertips.”