Karger Medical & Scientific Publishers Choose Temis To Provide Semantic Content Enrichment

TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment Solutions for the Enterprise, today announced a new contract in STM publishing with S. Karger AG, a long-standing academic publisher of scientific and medical journals and books based in Basel, Switzerland.

Karger has chosen to partner with TEMIS to provide the scientific community with next-generation navigation features within its information portal. Karger is licensing the Luxid® for Content Enrichment Platform as well as its Medical Entity Relationships Skill Cartridge®, a semantic solution specifically designed to mine and enrich medical content.

Luxid® for Content Enrichment produces value-added metadata that turn documents into actionable knowledge, enabling advanced content analytics and strategic information discovery. The Medical Entity Relationships Skill Cartridge® identifies key medical entities and relationships such as diseases, symptoms, conditions, therapeutic treatments, diagnostic methods and anatomical terms. It also identifies related biological terms such as cells, tissues and proteins. The Medical Entity Relationships Skill Cartridge® also extracts relationships between entities, providing the user with semantic links between treatments and diseases, diagnostics and diseases, or even risks associated with treatments or diagnostics.

With this semantically-enhanced metadata, Karger will increase the relevance of the search results available on its portal and provide users with powerful content navigation features such as faceted searching and related document linking between articles and book chapters in its growing library which includes about 80 scientific journals and 60 serial and non-serial book titles.

“We are looking forward to implementing these powerful tools to help users discover our most relevant biomedical content for their research needs”, said Gabriella Karger, Chief Executive Officer of Karger Publishers. “We are confident that TEMIS technology will prove a great enhancement towww.karger.com.”

“We are extremely pleased that Karger, a well respected pioneer in scientific electronic publishing, has chosen TEMIS to assist with its discoverability requirements”, said Peter Camilleri, Director – Publishing Solutions at TEMIS. “Luxid® 6 will enhance overall end-user experience of Karger’s online portal and drive increased usage to this important resource.”