Kudos and PubFactory partner to increase reach and impact of research content

Following PubFactory client De Gruyter’s successful pilot with Kudos, PubFactory further invests in Author Services by partnering with Kudos to deliver tools and services to publishers that increase dissemination and visibility of their research content.

The current connection between PubFactory and Kudos allows for automatic transmission of publication data enabling Kudos to initiate promotions with and on behalf of authors. Authors can more widely share their content through social media channels and track the effect of their sharing on clicks, views, and downloads along with other altmetrics captured by Kudos.

“Partnering with PubFactory creates new opportunities for both organizations in how we work with publishers, authors, and with their funding institutions to increase usage and discoverability of research. We are thrilled to work with PubFactory in particular because of the the great diversity of content hosted on the platform, including but not limited to journal articles,” says Charlie Rapple, Sales & Marketing Director and Co-founder of Kudos.

“We are actively extending PubFactory’s Publisher and Author Services through partnerships with innovative service providers like Kudos. Our partnership with Kudos provides immediate value to  our customers in that publishers can set up the data delivery to Kudos very quickly on their own or have PubFactory staff do it for them as they would for other A&I deposits,” says Jose Fossi, Vice President, Client Services, PubFactory.

PubFactory’s technology platform and publishing services have been adopted by prestigious publishers like OUP, DeGruyter, Brill, and the IMF. Today, the PubFactory platform is host to 1,400+ journals, 400,000+ books, numerous databases and reference works along with other content types making it the only truly content agnostic platform and service provider in the scholarly publishing industry.