PeerJ Announces Free Publications Through End-2013

PeerJ (an open access publisher of scholarly articles in the biological, life & medical sciences, accessible at announced that authors can now publish their work in PeerJ, entirely for free, through end-2013.

PeerJ has allowed free submissions twice in the last year, and each time the response from authors has been strong. This demand has demonstrated that despite PeerJ’s low-cost publishing model, there is still a large community for whom price is a consideration when considering where to publish their work

Although PeerJ has already published the work of over one thousand authors, it is a fact that the majority of academics have not yet experienced the benefits of publishing at PeerJ (an integrated system which includes a preprint server, sophisticated Q&A functionality, rich personal profiles, and a formal peer-reviewed journal). Therefore, in keeping with their Mission to provide a cost-effective publication venue for all authors, PeerJ is announcing an extended period of ‘free publication’ so that as many researchers as possible can experience their end-to-end publishing process.

As a result, from now until the end of the year, any article which is submitted to PeerJ PrePrints can go on to be published in PeerJ (the journal) entirely for free (assuming it passes peer review and assuming the PeerJ submission process is initiated in that period).

As the Open Access movement celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the Berlin Declaration (a seminal moment in the history of open access) it is the hope of PeerJ that as many authors as possible can now experience, first-hand, what open access publishing has evolved into!