SAGE To Publish Pacifica From February

Pacifica, a peer-reviewed journal, was founded in 1987 by the Pacifica Theological Studies Association.  Published three times a year and edited by Sean Winter (Uniting Church Theological College/Center for Theology and Ministry, Melbourne), Pacifica provides a forum for theologians from Australasia and the West Pacific Basin, bringing a unique contribution to the world of theological studies. Pacifica reaches out to a wide range of readers, from student and theological educators, to clergy. The journal is committed to covering all aspects of Christian theology and responses to the challenges facing the Christian Church in the 21st Century.

“We are delighted to have been selected by the Pacifica Theological Studies Association to publish their prestigious journal,” said Karen Phillips, Editorial Director, SAGE. “As a growing publisher in Theological and Religious Studies, we are developing a strong programme of journals representing leading scholars and societies in these disciplines and continue to build long-term partnerships with the biblical and theological community. We see Pacifica as a key forum for discussion and look forward to developing this journal as part of our portfolio.”

Pacifica is excited about the benefits that our new relationship with SAGE will bring,” commented Sean Winter, Editor-in-Chief. “We believe that SAGE understands and is committed to theological scholarship. Our partnership with SAGE will enable us to sustain and develop the distinctive quality and unique research focus of our journal. Through their market infrastructure SAGE will enable us to extend the accessibility of our research to a larger international audience. We value SAGE’s dedication to publishing high quality research and the services they offer their authors and editors. It is a relationship we look forward to developing into a prosperous future together.”