Springer celebrates the 1,000th volume of Methods in Molecular Biology

Springer is proud to announce that it has published Vascular Proteomics, the 1,000th volume of Methods in Molecular Biology (MIMB), both part of the SpringerProtocols database. Making this accomplishment even more noteworthy is the fact that the series has had the same editorial direction for its entire 30 years through John Walker, whose name is synonymous with MIMB.

As one of the first series to introduce the step-by-step protocols approach for reproducing laboratory techniques,  MIMB was groundbreaking when it was created, and is a mainstay in labs and colleges across the world. In addition to detailed directions, MIMB was the first to provide a notes section including tips, tricks, shortcuts and troubleshooting advice. So rather than just presenting techniques, guidance from the users themselves is also offered. Finally, each volume focuses on specific sub-disciplines, not just a spattering of general protocols. This makes the series unique due to the depth and focus of each volume.

Methods in Molecular Biology is a detailed and incredibly useful series for researchers that was one of the first of its kind,” said John Walker. “What we have created in the series is something that I am personally proud of, and I know that the people of Springer share my enthusiasm for this remarkable milestone.”

MIMB was also the impetus behind the creation of the SpringerProtocols product. Making up 90 percent of SpringerProtocols content, MIMB spawned many of the other primary series in the protocols family. The chapter lay out and format from MIMB also served as the template for all other protocols series, which offer up reproducible, tested and trusted laboratory guides for scientists everywhere.

Carolyn Honour, Editorial Director of Biomedicine at Springer, said, “Springer is proud of this 1,000th volume of Methods in Molecular Biology, a series that has served as inspiration for other products and services that we offer to researchers. We are particularly grateful for the careful stewardship that John Walker has afforded over the past 30 years, and we look forward to continuing to grow this valuable and well-respected series.”