Taylor & Francis Group adds Altmetric to their journals platform

Taylor & Francis Group today announced the addition of Altmetric data to Taylor & Francis Online and Cogent OA, enhancing the article metrics currently available on both journal platforms. Added to all journal articles published since January 2012, Altmetric data will offer users a more complete picture of how people are engaging with research articles from Taylor & Francis Group, whether via traditional or social media, blogs or online reference managers.

Visitors to Taylor & Francis Online and Cogent OA will be able to click on the Altmetric badge and see the underlying mentions from newspapers, magazines, blogs, social media and policy documents, as well as comments on post publication peer review sites. Altmetric track mentions of over 5,000 research articles a day, with one mention seen on average every two seconds.

As one of the first publishers to implement Altmetric’s recently released updated details page design, Taylor & Francis Group users will benefit from its enhanced functionality and the addition of new features such as a summary tab. From the tab, users will be able to see bibliographic information, demographics for Twitter and Mendeley, and simplified ‘score in context’ information. Alerts are also more prominent, so authors (and anyone else) can keep track of every new mention of an article, via a daily e-mail summary.

“We are excited to implement Altmetric on tandfonline.com and CogentOA.com, as part of the ongoing development of our platforms.“ said Genevieve Early, Digital Products Director (Journals) at Taylor & Francis Group. “It is increasingly important to show the impact of research articles, and Altmetric gathers together what is being said all around the world for individual articles, to the benefit of readers, authors, journal editors and societies.”

Euan Adie, founder of Altmetric, said of the launch,

“We’re really pleased to be working with Taylor & Francis on this new initiative. The data provided via the Altmetric donut badges and details pages will give their authors, editors and readers valuable insight into how the research they publish is being received and shared within, and beyond, the scholarly community.”

For all articles published after January 2012 data will be viewable on Taylor & Francis Online and Cogent OA within each journal’s table of contents, on individual article pages, and (on Taylor & Francis Online) for all authors within their My Authored Works account, from 28th May 2015.