Tsinghua University and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Sign Transformative New Open Access Agreement

Tsinghua University and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) have agreed to a new open access (OA) publishing agreement under the ACM Open license framework. The Charlesworth Group provided essential local third-party representation to support the specific requirements of ACM and Tsinghua University.
As the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, ACM supports the scientific community’s mission to share impactful research that shapes the world we live in. Their most recent partnership is with one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Tsinghua University is committed to global advancement and well-being through teaching, research, and innovation. Together, ACM and Tsinghua University are improving access to research and creating opportunities for new research to be openly available.
Under the new agreement, all researchers at Tsinghua University will receive unlimited and unrestricted access to the ACM Digital Library, the world’s largest repository of computing research. The new agreement also stipulates that all research articles newly published by Tsinghua University eligible corresponding authors in any ACM publication, the affiliated authors of Tsinghua University could choose OA at the time of publication at no cost to authors. These articles will also be eligible for the full range of Creative Commons author rights.  
With approximately 250 research articles published in ACM publications annually, Tsinghua is a significant contributor to ACM’s publications worldwide. The signing of this new agreement represents another step forward towards ACM’s stated goal of becoming a fully OA research publisher.
Tsinghua comment: Dou Tianfang, Library Director, Tsinghua University, commented:
The library of Tsinghua University proactively participates in the implementation of “Open Science Support Programs,” and endorses the ACM OPEN agreement on the basis of comprehensive investigation and careful evaluation. The agreement with ACM aims to further improve the efficiency of academic exchanges and enhance the academic reputation of Tsinghua University.
“ACM is thrilled to partner with Tsinghua University on this landmark ACM Open Agreement,” added ACM Director of Publications Scott Delman.  “Tsinghua is one of the world’s premier research institutions with a global reputation for excellence in the field of Computer Science and one of the top five most active institutions publishing articles annually in ACM’s journals, conferences, and technical magazines out of more than 5,000 institutions regularly publishing with ACM. Along with the Chinese Academy of Science, which joined ACM Open in 2021, this new agreement positions ACM for a long and robust relationship with Chinese authors at the most prestigious institutions in China and insures maximum visibility and impact for Tsinghua-affiliated authors in the ACM Digital Library.”