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Taylor & Francis launches new platform as successor to informaworld

Taylor & Francis Online (the successor to the award winning Informaworld) launched successfully over last weekend and the site is now fully operational. Well...

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting launches online community

'Lindau Nobel Community - the interactive home of the Lindau Meetings' launches today at lindau.nature.com. The site goes live ahead of the 61st annual...

SAGE Journals Going Mobile With HighWire

SAGE is pleased to announce that their entire collection of online journal sites will soon be available in a mobile-optimized format, taking advantage of the...

ProQuest Acquires BNI Nursing & Midwifery In The UK

ProQuest has acquired BNI, a cornerstone database for nursing and midwifery in the U.K. BNI -- shortened from British Nursing Index -- has been...